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The East Bay TEMPO BRT opened in August and is overall, a good project. (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

A few weeks ago, TransitCenter published an important article about the long-awaited “TEMPO” Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project which finally opened this August in Oakland, California.

The article uses a legitimate critique of the long implementation time to counter-productively question BRT as a strategic driver of bus improvements, rather than focus on the many benefits the project is bringing.

TEMPO is the most full-featured BRT corridor to open in California since the Orange Line opened in LA in 2005. Ten miles long, TEMPO brings a high-speed transit service to some of the lowest-income, disinvested neighborhoods in the Bay Area. With median-aligned dedicated bus lanes, all-door prepaid boarding, boarding at level with the bus floor, and creative and artistic stations providing comfort and security to passengers traveling between downtown Oakland, its southern suburb of San Leandro, and points in between, the project is the first of many BRTs planned in the Bay Area. …

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Pre-social distancing, passengers crowd around a New York City Transit bus in Flushing, all waiting to board through the single front entry door.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread throughout the country, New York City is beginning to emerge from its initial lockdowns, with confirmed cases of COVID-19 reaching new daily lows and many cautiously returning to work. Prior to the pandemic that ground New York — and much of its transit network — to a halt, New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority had been engaged in a massive rework of its entire bus network. …


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